Given the increased focus on online and web-based solutions, we have been practicing and are ready to hold and facilitate workshops through Microsoft Teams.

The type of workshops that can be held as a web-based solution can be a What if, HAZOP or a LOPA, but also other types of workshops that require the presence and input of multiple people.

Being able to hold and facilitate web-based workshops has several advantages – for us and for you as a Customer. Among other things, the planning of the workshop becomes easier – there is no longer the same need for multiple and long days taken from an already tight calendar. It minimizes the travel activity for all parties making the workshop more economically viable. Last but not least: it lives up to the World Sustainable Development Goals.

The key to success of a web-based workshop is the following:

  • Preliminary meeting involving both GFS (Facilitator) and Customer (Process Manager) well in advance of the start of the workshop to set up the right Nodes and parts of the process being analyzed. This will also determine the need for documentation
  • Participants must be limited to a maximum of 5 persons including the Facilitator. Other disciplines that may need to be involved must be on “ad hoc”
  • The duration of the workshop including long breaks is a maximum of 4-5 hours per day
  • All participants must show good discipline and be prepared before the start of the workshop
  • The focus should be on as few Nodes / parts of the plant or process as possible at a time
  • A few basic “House rules” for the web-based workshop should be established and followed

It is therefore possible to hold good and constructive workshops without the entire multidisciplinary team sitting in the same room. However, it is important to point out that in regards to complex systems, where it is important that many disciplines are involved, then a Face-2-Face workshop is preferable.

We are looking forward to assist you and your company with a web-based workshop.

See also the video below where Rikke Lund Jensen, TÜV Rheinland FS Expert (PH&RA), explains as the various advantages of a web-based workshop.