Did you know that GFS is a member of DS S-565?

2018-02-18T19:40:45+01:0029. January 2018|Functional Safety, GFS, Membership|

As a member of the Danish Standards ‘Industrial Automation’ committee (S-565), GFS participates in standardization.

The committee works on standardization in industrial automation.

As a member of this committee we are able to embody European and international standardization work for industrial automation.

The committee works on developing international standards for systems and elements used in the measurement and control of industrial processes in connection with continuous and batch processes.

In addition, the committee works on coordinating the standardization of related elements, which influence the integration of such systems.

The standardization work is carried out in the international environment for equipment and systems that operate with electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic, mechanical, or other measurements and/or control.

The committee also works with standardization in industrial automation and integration in the manufacture of sub-elements. This includes the simultaneous use of multiple technologies, such as information systems, machines, equipment, and telecommunication.

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