Of course, Global Functional Safety ApS (GFS) participated in the Functional Safety Conference (FSCPH’19) – both as a Gold Exhibitor and with a presentation during the conference.

At the exhibition there was a presentation of the company and its employees as well as presentations of the courses offered by GFS. This including the next TÜV course, which will be held in collaboration with EFSTAS in February 2020. EFSTAS participated with a small exhibition in extension of the GFS exhibition. In that way it was possible to get a good insight of TÜV.

There was time for questions, gathering of course material and a unique opportunity to get to know the people at GFS better.

Rikke Lund Jensen held a presentation regarding the issue of finding the right SIL level – and with an audience with knowledge and interest in functional safety, is a good basis for relevant questions and a dialogue everyone can learn from.

All in all, a successful participation in the Conference, which also gave GFS new acquaintances and knowledge, that can be used to make companies even safer.

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